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Your Hero’s Journey

In our coaching model, we choose to use Joseph Campbell’s metaphor of the hero’s journey. Let’s look at what that means and how we work with this metaphor in coaching.

The hero’s journey is often thought of as a classic “coming of age” story. We all go through the same stages of this journey as we undertake new pursuits and goals. We depart from our familiar routines, lives, or families; we enter into unknown territory where we encounter fears and mysteries, we are initiated into new understandings, pursuits, or skills, and finally we gain mastery.

The hero’s journey calls on us to bring forth our innate gifts and talents. These lie at the core of us and they remain constant, no matter what is happening around us. You could say this is our authentic self. This is apart from our personality traits or the drama that sometimes surrounds our lives.

There are three main purposes to your hero’s journey: to make your dreams a physical reality, learn from the challenges along the way, and contribute what you’ve learned for the benefit of others. This is a journey full of heart and meaning.

On this journey, you will learn to focus the various kinds of energy – money, time, physical vitality, creativity, relationships, and enjoyment – to convert your ideas, dreams, and visions into reality. It is a heroic task to keep moving forward in the face of all the thoughts, feelings, self judgments, and obstacles in our path.

Out of our challenges we learn and grow, gaining wisdom along the way. As we grow ourselves, we are able to share our knowledge and contribute to others in new ways.

In our coaching, you will see immediately that you already have all the qualities and abilities you need to make your dreams come true. Mastery is about learning to do this with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. In the coaching relationship you forge a partnership with your coach that equips you to realize this mastery. As a result, your ideas and dreams become reality. You clearly see the contribution you are here to make.

When inevitable obstacles get in your way you will be reminded that who you are is a hero, and you will have the support you need to keep going.

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